The Wander-'Mateys'


I have done a LOT of traveling in my time.

A photo of Shane Diffily

I guess the most out-of-the-way places I have been must be the Solovetsky Islands in the Russian White Sea, and Mar Musa monastery in Syria.

As an experienced solo traveler, I know what we want. I know how good it feels to hook-up with people in a welcoming hostel.

But, I also know how isolating it can be when you end up eating alone - yet again!

That's why I had the idea for WanderMates. To make it easier to meet other solo travelers when hostels or group activities aren't an option.

Find out more about me on my personal website,


A photo of Ronan Diffily

I have lived in and travelled through North America, Japan, the UK & Europe, and knows my way around as well as anyone.

I have a Masters Degree in Electronic Systems and a shared patent on an object that is in orbit around the earth!